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What makes us different

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We're not a web application you sign in to, or a freelancer finder service.

We're part of your team - we onboard with you directly, in your place of business if you prefer, to make sure we know your systems infrastructure requirements as well as you do.

You don't log calls with us, you contact us directly, by phone, email, or messaging application, as you would anyone else in your organisation.

Kespa Systems IconReliability

We build infrastructure with reliability in mind, spread across mutiple industry-leading public cloud and data centre infrastructures in different countries to ensure your infrastructure is never reliant on a single provider or geographic area.

We specialise in designing fault-tolerant, fully-redundant, and quickly replicable systems architectures for your projects.

Kespa Systems IconElasticity

We can give you more or less resources, based on your particular needs at any given time.

Need several people working at the same time to meet a deadline? Or just someone to be on call?

We scale our service according to your requirements so you only pay for what you need.

Our Services

Sample Cloud Architecture

Cloud Architectures

Whether you're building a new project from scratch, or looking to migrate an existing project to the cloud, we'll work with your developers (or third party software providers) to architect a cloud infrastructure thats suitable for your application, built to ensure maximum uptime.

Some buggy java

Software Application Development

We build highly-distributed software applications using modern tools - from bespoke web applications to custom in-house tools for your team.

A simple deployment pipeline

Deployment Pipelining

We automate your applications release and deployment process from QA to Production to ensure consistent, zero-downtime, stress free deployments of new releases of your application.

Some App infrastructure tools

Application Infrastructure

We implement and manage the software infrastructure your project needs - we provide Build Servers, Replicated Database Services, Source Version Control, Message Brokers, LDAP services, Snapshot/Release Repositories and more.

'Borrowed' monitoring graphs

Monitoring and Administration

We build scalable, resiliant monitoring systems and alerting and escalation procedures. We manage your application's underlying infrastructure to ensure the continued uptime of your services.

Generic Tehcnical Management logo!

Technical Services management

We know its not just your application environments that need looking after. We can provide and/or manage your Corporate Email Systems, DNS, CRM, VPN, Network, VoIP, and more. We can provide general advice around your internal IT needs and generally just make ourselves available for any technical questions you might have.

Why do you need us, anyway?

We feel we can help you avoid expensive mistakes startups have commonly made:

  • Recruitment - It's expensive, easy to get wrong, and not easy to fix. Even when you get it right, people take time to settle in, get sick, take holidays, and change jobs.
  • Inefficiency - Sometimes it seems like you can never have a big enough systems team. Other times, it seems you don't even need one. With Kespa, you can use more resources when you need them most, and less when you don't.
  • Focus - Time spent by Developers doing systems work is time wasted, and creates blocks that delay projects and cause milestones to be missed.
  • Speed - We've done this before, and we get better at it every time. We focus on automation and repeatability to eliminate delays.
Kespa Systems Logo

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